About the Program

Geronimo is a voyage of self-discovery.

Since 1974, St. George's has offered an experiential marine science program designed to develop leadership and seamanship skills on board the school’s 70-foot sailing vessel, Geronimo. Have a question about this unique program? Contact us at Geronimo@stgeorges.edu.

The Geronimo program is open to all students. Most student crew have no sailing experience.
Students navigating on Geronimo

Sailing as Crew

Students who sail on board are part of the crew (eight student crew and three professional crew) and participate fully in the operation and upkeep of the vessel. All crew members are expected to stand watch, take a turn at the helm, handle sails, cook, and clean.

Over the course of their trip the student crew will learn and build navigation and seamanship skills. They will also develop leadership and teamwork skills and progressively take on more responsibility in the operation of Geronimo.

  • 58 Students sail each year
  • 44,184+ Chocolate chip pancakes prepared
  • 7-8 Voyages each year
  • 2,985+ Sea turtles tagged
  • 1974 Year the program began
  • 6 Transatlantic voyages