Log Entries

  • 2024 Early Spring
Back to Athens

We spent the last days making our way back to Athens. Quick stops in the harbor near Poros and Aegina. Hiked out to a light house. Lunch in the town of Perdika. We also had our last swim. The weather has been so warm that the water temperature has become ideal. I can’t believe how much warmer it is then last year. Yesterday we had our last sail. Winds filled from the south and Port watch set the jib. We clipped along at 6 knots as we passed all the ships going into the port of Piraeus. Shortly after lunch we secured Geronimo to the dock. All hands cleaned up the deck, hooked up the power and the fresh water. Then it was off to the showers. We have not had a real shower for the past two weeks. Later in the evening we cooked dinner and played cards before bed.

Today we are deep into packing bags and cleaning up the boat. This is an opportunity to give back a little to Geronimo. Later in the day we will be headed into Athens. At least we hope too. There is a general strike today and most public services are not operating. Regardless we will have a busy day wrapping up our trip and getting set for traveling tomorrow.

  • 2024 Early Spring
Porto Cheli--Ermioni

The other day we made the run around the corner from Porto Cheli to Ermioni. It was not an easy 13 mile sail. We are in protected waters but the winds are still quite strong. Port watch after exiting the harbor had to take a reef in the main and then one in the jib. Starboard watch then short tacked to windward for a few hours. Ava was at the wheel as we made our last approach. Ermioni is a pretty little town situated on a peninsula. One of my favorite places in Greece. We spent the end of the day exploring part of town. Yesterday we had to run from the strong breeze again. The swell is coming all the way in from the Aegean making it hard to find a suitable anchorage. By mid day we had the anchor down and lines to the beach. Finally, a place to relax a bit. The crew headed into town for lunch. The rest of the day was spent catching up on school work. Today we decided to stay put. Winds should be letting up tomorrow. Danny made French toast. We reviewed for the marine science final and took a long hike to a huge rock formation called Katafiki crag. Tonight, everyone got their phone back. Greek take out for dinner. Gyros!!!

  • 2024 Early Spring

We had a very wet ride from Ios to Sifnos. The Meltemi wind has been blowing for some time but we needed to start making our way back to the northwest. With two reefs in both the main and jib we exited the harbor. It did not take long before the boat was leaned over and decks awash. It’s not always easy out here. For the next four and a half hours we took a beating. Olivia and Caitlin did a great job at the wheel as we clawed our way towards Sifnos. Just after 14:00 we rounded the south end of the island and found the lee. Soon after we where at anchor. Not an easy 35 mile sail. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up and resting.

Yesterday to take advantage of a brief lull in winds we got up at 3:30 AM. By 4:00 we where underway. Danny and Ava used the stars to steer by.  For the rest of the day we made the crossing from the Cyclades back to the Peloponnese. We were super happy not to be battling the winds of the day before. Just before dinner Duncan, Catherine and Pia brought the boat around the last corner and into the protected anchorage of Porto Cheli. We took a swim, had dinner in the cockpit and then headed into town for ice cream. Busy last few days. We were all dead asleep by lights out.


After two days in Schinousa we headed out of the harbor early in the morning for Ios. We spent all morning working to windward. The crew learned that this can be a tedious process. Around 1:00 we had to make a quick entrance to the harbor.  One to beat a big ferry and also to get to the marina office before closing. Everyone did a great job securing Geronimo in a tight spot. As we backed down on the anchor Olivia made a run out in the dinghy to secure the stern line. Danny and Pia paid it out as she took off with Ms. Juber. After a few minutes we were all secure. The forecast was for the winds to be very strong so I was happy to be in town. We spent the rest of the day hiking up into the old town. Danny made dinner and the crew set a second anchor in preparation for the winds.

This morning the winds did not disappoint. Its blowing like crazy. We had a few hours of study hall and then Ava, Catherine, Duncan and I jump in one rental car while Caitlin, Danny, Pia, and Olivia headed with Mr. Flynn. The first stop was Homers tomb on the north end of the island. They honestly claim that Homer is buried here. Hmmm---maybe.  It was still a cool spot and a great drive. Around lunch we happened upon an artisanal cheese factory. We got the full tour and sat down to a tasting of at least 10 different goat and sheep cheeses. It was incredible. The rest of the day was spent touring the island. Unfortunately, every time we tried to walk around on a beach the blowing sand sent us back to the cars. It is really windy today.  Tonight, we have a reservation at a local restaurant.