Log Entries

  • 2021 Summer Voyage
A Brief Stop in Delaware

Late last night we arrived at the breakwater harbor at Lewes, Delaware. We decided to spend the day here to wait out some contrary winds. The students used the time at anchor this morning to plan for the second half of our voyage to Maine. There are many factors to consider on this leg of our trip including whether or not to go through Long Island Sound and if we should use the Cape Cod Canal. I imagine that the JWO’s plans will evolve as we travel.

At the moment, Nathan and Ethan are in the galley making dinner. Once we’ve finished eating the plan is to get back underway. William and Tucker will be on watch first from 2000-0000. The brought us into the anchorage so should have no trouble figuring out how to depart. Friday looks like it will be a light air day, but Saturday and Sunday are forecasted to be excellent days for sailing to Maine.

  • 2021 Summer Voyage

Our time in Baltimore was brief but busy. We arrived just in time to go sailing aboard the Pride of Baltimore II. The students were quickly put to work onboard, hauling on halyards and braces as we sailed around Baltimore Harbor. The event was made extra special when the Pride of Baltimore crew invited the Geronimo crew to help furl the foretopsail. In order to do so, we needed to climb up the rigging. Ethan, Tucker and William were up for the challenge and did a great job furling a square sail for the first time.

Most of the following day was spent taking care of Geronimo. For the better part of the morning, we cleaned above and below decks. Time was also provided for showers and laundry. In the afternoon, the students had access to their phones for the first time this trip. Everyone enjoyed catching up with family.

Being in Maryland, we made it a priority to eat steamed crab for dinner. Fortunately, we found a great place in Locust Point to experience this local treat. For some of the crew, it was their first time cracking open a crab. Afterwards, we headed to Camden Yards for an Orioles game. For such a short time, we had a full tour of Baltimore.

Back aboard Geronimo, we have begun the junior watch officer (JWO) portion of the voyage. A student on each watch is designated the JWO and tasked with making all of the critical decisions during their watch. Ethan was up first and did a great job setting sail. Tharaly was next and sailed us onto the anchor in the Sassafras river. We are here until the early morning, when Tucker will get us underway for the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.

  • 2021 Summer Voyage
Baltimore on the Horizon

It has been an eventful passage to Baltimore which included a beautiful day of sailing on Saturday and an unexpected boat rescue on Friday. A sport fisherman waived us down as we sailed passed him Friday afternoon. His engine would not start and he was 17nm from shore. The crew sprung to action setting up a tow line for him. We diverted course and delivered the weary fisherman to Ocracoke inlet.  

We reached the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay around dinner time yesterday. The wind has been quite light for the past 12 hours so we have been motor sailing up the Bay. Traveling in the protected waterway has been a pleasant break from the ocean swells. It has been an especially special trip for William who hails from Annapolis. This afternoon his Dad sailed out to meet us before we passed beneath the Lane Jr. “Bay” Bridge.  At the moment, we have Baltimore on the horizon and hope to arrive in the next hour or so.

Lastly, the crew and I would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to our families back home!

  • 2021 Summer Voyage
Underway for the Chesapeake Bay

We are underway for the Chesapeake Bay. After breakfast this morning, we hauled back the anchor and set our sights on Cape Hatteras, the next navigational hurdle of the voyage. Rounding the Cape always feels like a milestone. It is also typically the start of cooler temperatures. As I write, there is very light wind and we are having a pleasant cruise, powered by the motor with the mainsail keeping us steady.

This evening, the wind is forecasted to build from the southwest. Hopefully this will coincide with rounding the Cape. I anticipate that we will have a fast sail to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay once the wind fills in.

The students are doing very well on board. At this point, they can complete most navigation tasks unassisted and have learned the function of all the lines on board. Nickie and Tucker are currently on watch and are learning to do running fixes from Mr. McKenzie. The calm weather has provided a good opportunity to learn new skills.

Our plan is to stop in Baltimore while in the Chesapeake Bay.  With dockage reserved in Fells Point, we should be able to explore the city on foot. It is also my hope that we will have an opportunity to go for a sail aboard the Pride of Baltimore II, a Baltimore clipper style tall ship. After living aboard Geronimo for two weeks, I think the students will have a unique appreciation of seeing a very different type of sailing vessel.