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Our last night at anchor we had a beautiful starry night. The next morning, we started the 30 nautical mile trip toward Athens. The wind was light as we steamed north along Methana, and made a quick stop at Pausania's bath - a hot spring on the north coast. We continued north along the rocky coast of Agistri, and as we neared Aegina - the wind started to fill in out of the north. Passing through an anchorage with a few dozen ships, the wind built and we were soon pushing 9-10 knots. Athens and the Acropolis came into view as we approached the port of Pireaus, and our final destination. Our final days on board included a delicious meal at Katouki Kalypso, a visit to the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum, Monatraki, the Evzones guarding the Monument of the Unknown Soldier and a view of the amazing Panhellenic Stadium. 

Hydra & Poros

With a light northerly breeze, we set sail and started making our way south toward Hydra. Greece is not tropical, and this time of year can be like late spring in New England - but the sun shining makes a big difference. We had a beautiful sunny day to cover the 17 nautical miles. By noon, we entered the main harbor on Hydra - and med-moored with a cross wind to a primo spot right in the middle of the horseshoe-shaped harbor. It might be the small scale, or the winding paths through the village, or the stunning landscape - but Hydra is always a favorite stop.  Everyone explored the village, many made the steep climb up to the monastery - and then returned for a swim in the Aegean. 

Every morning boats unload food and supplies, which are in-turn loaded onto one of the dozens of mules brought down to the port to be transported around the island. The clock tower made sure everyone was up, and we enjoyed a very pleasant and leisurely morning of walks, swimming and pastries. By mid-morning we were underway, and had a really nice sail in light wind and sunshine on our way toward Poros. About halfway there, we followed a small pod of porpoises for a few minutes - and then the wind filled in out of the WNW. Not long after, we had passed through the channel separating Poros from the mainland, and let go the anchor off of town just a few minutes ahead of the rain. A few hours later, the sun was back out and we all went ashore to explore town, then had a relaxing evening at anchor under a starry sky. 



2023 Faculty Trip Underway

In the early afternoon, I met the faculty crew at the airport and we departed for Nafplio. The two hour drive was a good opportunity to see the different parts of the country or catch a nap. We boarded Geronimo, commenced our on board orientation and everyone settled in to their bunks. Nafplio is one of the cities on the coast that does not close for the winter. A few went swimming at a public swimming spot out of town and  everyone had a chance to explore town. We all joined up for dinner out, sharing a table overflowing with everything from boar's meat to zucchini balls. 

Palamidi, the Venetian fortress perched above the town, was reportedly 999 steps up. After breakfast, we confirmed that and were treated to some spectacular views of the Peloponnese. Back on board, we got underway for point south. We had a really lovely sail down the bay, that eventually gave way to some rain and wind shifts. We made it to our anchorage in Kilada in the late afternoon. 

The next morning we sailed off the anchor, under jib alone, with a fresh northerly. It was a little on the cold side, but much warmer than home. On the way, we sailed through the cut at Korakas island up into Porto Heli. Here we went alongside, rented cars and ventured out to the ancient sanctuary at Epidaurus. The 14,000 3rd-century B.C. theatre is amazing, as were the ruins of the rest of the sanctuary. On the way back, we stopped at Franchthi cave, the site where evidence of a paleolithic settlement have been found. Back to Porto Heli for hot showers at the marina and a relaxing evening in port.  

  • 2023 Winter Voyage
Winter 2023 Trip Concludes in Nafplio

Getting to this late, lots of activity in the last few days. We had a nice sail from Korakas north toward Nafplio. Alban did a great job sailing us out of a tight anchorage, and then tacking north. Lexie took the next watch, and did a great job sailing in ever-changing conditions, bringing us into our anchorage on Romvi, just a short distance from Nafplio. Swimming, a trip ashore to the beach, a final exam and our last dinner together on board finished out the day. The forecast didn't match up with the actual wind we were seeing, so Roman took us around the corner to an anchorage off of Tolo. 

Early the next morning, we went around the corner to Nafplio. Bennett had the helm bringing us into the dock. Not long after securing alongside, we finished packing and commenced field day - a deep cleaning of Geronimo. The crew did a great job giving some much needed love to our home for the last three weeks. We went out for gyros and explored town. With thunderstorms in the area, it wasn't the right time to make the steep climb up to Palamidi, the Venetian fortress overlooking the bay. We had a really nice dinner out in town and wrapped up the evening with closing activities. 

An early morning goodbye to Geronimo, and then a drive to Athens at dawn brought a very successful Winter 2023 trip to a close. 

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