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  • 2024 Summer
Arrival in Palma

After two nights in Portocolom waiting on the wind to subside we headed out for the west side of Mallorca. We had big seas as we exited the harbor. Port watch set the main and jib. Things settled out later in the morning as we cleared the coastal cliffs. At lunch we had a quick stop for a swim. Then later in the afternoon starboard watch brought us into our last anchorage of the trip. By dinner time we had the anchor down in Santa Ponsa. Owen helped to make chicken alfredo. Just before sunset we went for our last swim in the Med.

Yesterday we got underway early for Palma. The forecasted southwest wind came up very strong. We bashed our way around a few points and then set the jib for the down wind run into Palma harbor. It was exciting to be sailing into such a big city. Cruise ships, ferries, tour boats, thousands of yachts and the Catedral-Basilica de Santa Maria de Mallorca (Gaudi). It was a little overwhelming. We stopped at the fuel dock before continuing on to our marina. The crew did a great job getting tied up in very challenging wind conditions. Then we headed to the showers and into town to start exploring Palma. We took it easy in the evening. The next two days we will enjoy Palma and Spain. Unfortunately, we are almost to the end of the Summer 2024 trip.


  • 2024 Summer
Transit to Mallorca

The Geronimo has arrived in Mallorca Spain. We spent a relaxing day in Carloforte (San Pietro) Sardinia before making our crossing. Our transit started early at 5:00 AM. We quickly got off the dock, cleaned up the deck and set sails. Then we rolled into our watches. We have become very proficient getting settled in with all the miles that we have traveled. Our trip was 230 mile and we motor sailed most of the way. We needed to make good time to stay ahead of a weather system gaining strength off the coast of Algeria. We had beautiful night watches with all the stars and then a bright moon rising up after midnight. Late in the morning of day two we spotted land and by 16:00 we slipped into the harbor of Portocolom. Another country, another language, another culture. Its hard to keep up. We went for a swim. Took showers and then had dinner. In the evening we went into town to stretch out legs and have an ice cream. We plan to stay one more night in Portocolom before heading towards Palma.

  • 2024 Summer

We had a smooth crossing to Sardinia. After weeks on the boat we quickly broke into watches and settled into our routine. For this passage Bea, Natalie and I had the midnight watch. It was tough staying awake and because of the clouds very hard to steer. Nothing to give you a reference. Natalie was especially happy to be relieved at 4:00 AM. Late the next night Juno, AJ, and Caroline brought Geronimo up to the Sardinian coast. We slept well.

The next day after breakfast we headed in search of a grocery store. The Aeolians proved difficult for provisioning. By 11:00 we found a beach with access to a store. We all walked into town with our bags. Noelani, Owen, Cecile and Juno picked through all the produce. Caroline rang everything up. Then it was off for eggs, milk and bread. It was a good haul. AJ even lugged two watermelons back to the boat. Once we packed everything away we headed south a few miles to a nice anchorage and a bit of relaxation. The water and sand in Sardinia are particularly beautiful. Bea, Natalie, and Noelani took a paddle board to the beach. Owen, Juno, Cecile, AJ and Caroline did some snorkeling. Interspersed with all the water sports was lots of card games and reading.

This morning we got going early to make some miles around the south end of Sardinia. The weather predicted a bit of wind but we have to keep moving. Bea somehow made scones. Very good! Then we bashed our way west for the rest of the day. Later in the afternoon Caroline was at the wheel and compared the situation to Splash Mountain! Late in the afternoon we dropped anchor in a nice little anchorage on the south end of the island. 

  • 2024 Summer
Strait of Messina--Aeolian Islands

Our trip to the Aeolians went well despite a little difficult weather. When B watch (Owen, Cecile, Noelani) took over the winds shifted to the north and caused the seas to get a bit bumpy. We bared away heading for Taormina. At midnight A watch (Juno, AJ, Caroline) held it close to the beach. Then a thunderstorm came up over Mt. Etna. We got drenched. Finally in the early morning C watch (Natalie, Bea) came on watch to better weather conditions. We then navigated the Strait of Messina. Lots of ferries, ships and fishing boats. Once clear of the strait we headed west for Vulcano. Just before lunch we picked up a mooring and marveled at the bazar volcanic landscape. Bubbling sea water, steaming mud pits and the looming volcano. We went for a swim, took naps, then headed into town. Everyone was tired so we called the night early.

In the morning we headed out early to hike the volcano but not before pancakes from AJ. It was a steep hot climb so we took it at our own pace. Cecile and I took up the rear and enjoyed a good chat as we worked our way up. What we thought was the top turned out to be the half way point. That’s also when the sulfur / volcanic gas hits you. We pushed through to the summit. Incredible view of the Aeolians and Sicily.

After getting back Mr. Flynn, Ms. Juber, Cecile and AJ headed to the bubbling mud pit. They say the mud is great for your skin but the smell kept me at a distance. It was a unique experience. Then we had an early dinner before catching the hydrofoil to the next island over and the town of Lipari. We strolled through town and then had a bit of free time to explore. AJ, Owen, Bea, Natalie, Caroline and Cecile sat down for some gelato. Juno and Noelani had some calamari. Later in the evening I found everyone in the grocery store buying snacks. We took the hydrofoil back to Vulcano and then made our way back to the boat.

This morning we got going early. Next stop Sardinia. Around 260 miles to the west.

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