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  • 2024 Late Spring
Finishing our trip

We have spent the last few days sailing in the Argolic Gulf. First over to the Peloponnese to the small town of Sampatiki and then up to the little bay at Vivar. We have enjoyed some great sailing and wonderful weather. Yesterday we pulled up the anchor for the last time and headed for our final stop at Nafplio. We secured the boat and quickly transitioned into town. Immediately many said that this is the best stop of the trip. Nafplio never disappoints. Shortly after lunch we climbed the 999 steps up to the Venetian castle. After all our hiking around the Cyclades we made it look easy. Dinner back on the boat then gelato at Captain Dawson’s favorite spot.

This morning we were up early as usual. After breakfast it was time to pack our bags and clean up the boat. No surface was left untouched. I am happy to report that the boat is looking great. This afternoon we will enjoy our last hours together. Tomorrow morning it is off to the airport.

  • 2024 Late Spring
Sifnos--Porto Cheli

Nice time on Sifnos. We arrived in the early afternoon. After getting things squared away on the boat we headed ashore. The town of Kamares is set amongst very steep mountains. We set out on a trail to the top of the south rim. The going was tough. Not everyone was super happy but the trail was amazing. Kiara was not to be denied from making the top. We worked hard. Drank all the water and the views of the eastern Cyclades was a great reward. Back in town Morelia, Aleah and Jasmine had smoothies. Back to the boat for a swim. In the evening we went out to dinner at a little seaside restaurant. Full Greek spread. Tzatziki, kalmake, Greek salads, fried zucchini, chickpea soup, fava beans, chicken souvlaki, lamb chops, grilled beef, fried squid, grilled fish---maybe we ate a little too much.

Yesterday we were up at 3:00 AM. 77 mile trip back to the Peloponnese and we needed to stay ahead of the weather. C watch Jasmine, Laird, Margaux and myself took the first night watch on our way back to the east. A watch Morelia, Howard, Kiara and Ms. Juber took over at sunrise. B watch Ben, Avery, Aleah and Mr. Flynn rounded out the morning. We kept the watches rotating until we arrived at Porto Cheli in time for dinner. It was a nice crossing. We then proceeded to have our first real showers in two weeks!!!

Today we got started the day with boat projects. We always need to stay on top of the maintenance. By late morning projects were finished and we loaded into rental cars for the drive up to Epidaurus. It is always worth a visit to see the 5th century BC theater. We enjoyed our packed lunches and then everyone spent a moment in the center of the theater marveling at the acoustics.  Back at the boat Laird, Kiara, Avery, Morelia and Howard helped on a grocery run. Jasmine made pad Thai. At the moment everyone is working at dishes. Tomorrow we head back out. Two more days at anchor before making our way to Nafplio and the end of the trip.

  • 2024 Late Spring

We departed Serifos on the tail end of the northerly. Still quite windy but luckily everything was behind us. Starboard watch with Ben at the wheel set a reefed main and we quickly ticked off the miles. After a few hours we changed the watch and made our approach to Milos harbor. Once back in protected waters we stopped rolling and we all enjoyed lunch on our way to the anchorage. In the afternoon we went into town to explore. Everyone ended up ordering pizza. Back on the boat we went for a great swim. Finally able to get the paddle boards back out. Howard finished the day off with a baked pasta dish.

Yesterday we headed out early for the north side of Milos and the famous rock formations. We didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be incredible. We took the dinghy in and climbed around on the rocks. Before long we were jumping off into the deep blue water. The Geronimo crew was quite the spectacle for the rest of the tourists. Back to the boat we ate our lunch and headed off to our next stop. So nice to have calm weather. Later in the afternoon we stop in Kolimos and dragged out all the snorkel gear. We headed for a rock formation next to our anchorage. Lots of fish and cool formations under the water. Kiara, Aleah, Margaux, Jasmine and Avery enjoyed diving down amongst the rocks. Then everyone swam back to the boat. Morelia was almost fast enough to beat the dinghy back. In the evening Kiara made chicken quesadillas. Then it was time for study hall before going to bed. All in all a nice beach day.

This morning Margaux is up early making scones. Then after chores and marine science class we will be off to Sifnos. Tonight we hope to have dinner out. Tomorrow (Thursday) we plan to sail back to the Peloponnese---70 miles to west.

  • 2024 Late Spring
Windy Serifos

We have had a nice weekend in Serifos hiding from the wind. Yesterday everyone went ashore for some free time and had chance to use their phones. This morning the strong winds forced us to stay on the boat. The good news is that we needed the study hall time. Papers were written and test taken. At the moment everyone is off on a walk. About the only thing to do right now. Its easily gusting 35 in the anchorage. I’m hanging out on the boat keeping an eye on things. Hopefully this evening the winds will ease off. Tomorrow we plan to sail down to Milos.

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