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College Counseling

I knew that each of our conversations would result in my discovering a new way to think about my qualities and experiences. I was surprised (although I believe you were not) to find my own voice and to garner a more definitive sense of myself through our meetings and my writing.

Isabelle Kitchel ’19 on her college process

Our process

At St. George’s, we are all about helping students find the right fit for the next step in their academic journey. We believe that the college process, in and of itself, should be educational. It is a wonderful and exciting time of self-discovery when students get to hone in on what they want to pursue and where they want to explore next.

The most important thing that students can do to make themselves desirable college candidates is to engage in the life of the school at St. George’s. In doing so, they will be prepared for the college process, and more importantly, for the challenge of college itself.

Students at St. George’s receive a brief introduction to the college process in the spring of their fourth-form year. They formally kick off the process in the fall of their fifth-form year with large group sessions on how to approach the college search and continue with a blend of group and individual meetings that happen in formal and informal settings with their counselors.

Find Your Fit

New England’s co-ed, boarding - day, college-preparatory private high school in RI -Students

Because of the diverse opportunities St. George’s offers, our students go on to a wide array of institutions across the world.

In addition to providing guidance to students and their families, our College Counseling Office writes recommendation letters, advocates on behalf of our students, and plans events all year long that bring more than 150 college admissions representatives from across the country - and the world - to campus each year. These efforts offer admissions representatives a clear picture of the St. George’s community and its students.

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