Visual & Performing Arts

Our diverse offerings provide students with the opportunity to follow their particular creative interests.

Our vibrant classes build the skills and techniques necessary to become an expressive and curious artist and performer. A student striving to engage in the visual arts, performing on stage, or pick up an instrument for the first time, will find a complement of coursework that will build their craft through an iterative framework. Our students receive exposure to the larger arts community by exposing them to visiting artists in the Hunter Gallery, museum trips, theater productions, and musical performances. It is our intent to provide our students with an understanding of the arts impact on culture, our economy, health and well being, society and education.

Visual Foundation

Student in visual arts class with interesting perspective

Art 201, 202, 203

Theater Foundation I

Theater Foundation

THE 201, 203

3D / Welding

Student in visual arts class welding

Art 453/H