Yonder Changeless Sea

SG’s Historical Connection to the Ocean

Curated by School Archivist Valerie Simpson, the slideshow includes images of Sakonnet vs. Sachuest club team whaleboat rowing races at Third Beach, the school boathouses over the years, assorted spring and autumn all-school holidays of the early 20th century, views from the Hilltop toward the water, and more recent programs at SG including sailing and Geronimo.

Dragon fact: The title of the exhibit comes from the fourth verse of the School Hymn: “Here let Thy love and Truth abound, Changeless as yonder changeless sea. And ever may these walls resound, With grateful voices praising Thee.”

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View of Second Beach from King Hall Terrace, color post card, undated
View toward the school from the marsh, The Lance 1968
Watching the race from the roof of the boat house c. 1922
View of Sachuest Point from King Hall Terrace c. 1914
View from the Front Steps of Old School, c.1902
Varsity Sailing, The Lance Spring Supplement 1973
The St. George’s Summer Practice School of Oceanology, an intensive oceanology program operated on campus from 1972 to 1980.
Three generations of boatmen in 1937: Edward Sturtevant, Faculty 1898-1939; Theodore Sturtevant ’23, Faculty 1935-1936; Thoma
Varsity Sailing, The Lance Spring Supplement 1965
The old boat, Geronimo in the 1980’s
Llyrics of “The new school song” describing the windy hilltop and %22Sakonnet's salty reaches%22 The Red and White May 22, 1940
Article on the the history of boating at St. George’s, The Red and White, May 30, 1924
The history of the formation of Sachuest Point, the Dragon, February, 1904.
Photo of a wave crashing on rocks entitled “Surf on Whetstone”, The Lance 1918
Student with shark line, Geronimo, 1980’s
Student surfer, The Lance 1974
Students in the waves at Second Beach, 1968
Student Sea Turtle Researchers, Geronimo Spring Trip 1995
Students at the Photo Pavilion, Easton’s Beach, Newport, Early 1920’s
Student on Second Beach, - circa 1905
Story of the Geronimo crew’s rescue of Janet Culver, People Weekly August 21, 1989
St. George’s School. Undated sketch by Katherine Hoyt P ’63, wife of former faculty member Norris Hoyt
“St. George’s School, Second Beach, Middletown, R. I.”, Postcard
Spring Holiday to Hope Island c. 1914
Spring Holiday Ferry Trip, 1913
Spring Holiday, 1910 - headed to Sakonnet Point, Little Compton
Spring Holiday 1910 Crossing the Sakonnet River toward Sakonnet Point, Little Compton
Spring Holiday, 1906 Beavertail, Conanicut (Jamestown)
side-by-side of student surfers Guelfo Gabrielli Di Carpegna & Rufo Alfredo Cristofero Gabrielli Di Carpegna, The Lance 1983
Second Crew of the Sakonnet 1910
Second Beach Sunning, 1962
Second Beach break with a friend, The Lance 1964
School Christmas card c. 1935 was a hand drawn map of the Hilltop
School Boat Houses in 1947, Third Beach, Middletown
School Boat House in 1940, Third Beach, Middletown
School Boat House in 1929, Third Beach, Middletown
School Boat House in 1909 Third Beach, Middletown
Sailing Team, The Lance Spring Supplement 1985
Sailing Team, St. George’s Bulletin 1985
Sailing Team’s page, The Lance 1954, %22Colds, blisters, bruises, sunburn, seasickness but they love it.%22
Sailing near Fort Adams, Newport [Undated]
Sachuest Crew 1910
Rowing Team 1924
Rowing Club Teams, The Red and White May 30, 1924
Rev. William A. Buell with his wife Lois aboard the Revonoc
Rev. Peaslee near the dunes, c.1908 (faculty 1902-1927)
Report on the Sachuest and Sakonnet Clubs The Red and White, May 30, 1924
Purgatory Chasm, c.1907, Middletown
%22Two Sea Songs%22 a poem by J. B. Wheelwright ’16, The Dragon December 1915
Picnic at the Third Beach Boat House, Early 1920's
Paul T. Christie, faculty 1907-1943 with students c. 1914
One oar raised 1909
On deck, c.1902
Newport Dock, Ferry to Jamestown, 1908
Mr. Sturtevant with one of his crews, c.1907
Moonlit view westward, 1913
Moonlit view of water eastward from the Hilltop, The Lance 1918
Miss Louise Diman, sister of the founding Headmaster, wrote the school hymn in 1905 the school hymn written in 1905 by Miss L
Milk Carton Viking Ship, Newport Harbor, The Lance Spring Supplement 1984
Milk Carton Viking Ship built by Mr. Richard Grosvenor’s Architecture students, The Lance Spring Supplement 1984
Map of the school and shoreline, The Lance 1920
Measuring a Shark, Geronimo July 1986
Map of Aquidneck Island inside the back cover of St. George’s School 1944-1945 (school catalog)
Leonard Bacon, Class of 1905, Poem sent to the school and published in The Red and White, February 28, 1934
“Looking Seaward.” Unsigned Student Poem, The Red and White, May 16, 1906
Lower form students gazing at the ocean from the Norman property near Second Beach, Middletown, c.1901
Late afternoon stroll, The Lance 1969
John Diman (with megaphone) and Edward Sturtevant faculty 1898-1939 watching the boat races at Third Beach.
%22Homesick Johnny,%22 from The Dragon, November 1908 - the author, “L. G.” was probably Rev. Latta Griswold, faculty 1906-1915
“Homesick Johnny” continued.
Geronimo Captain and Director of Off-Shore Marine Science Stevie Connett, faculty 1973-2001 with Babbie Connett, First Mate 1
Editors recommending shore photography, nature study, The Dragon, March 1907
Hope Island Landing, choir holiday, 1908
Lacrosse game overlooking Second Beach, 1980’s
The rowing team jumping off the side of a boat 1920’s
Dolphin Letterpress Graphic, The Dragon, March 1912
Photograph of dune fence and shadow in The Lance Spring Supplement 1981
E. Barry Wall, Class of 1912 on the ferry to Beavertail (Jamestown) c. 1912
Diving off the bow board, 1920’s
Description of the Sachuest v. Sakonnet Boat Races, The Dragon, June 1912
Description of the Boat House The Red and White, May 30, 1924
Choir Holiday, 1908, unloading provisions, Hope Island
Choir Holiday Student with lobster, c.1905
Coaches Norris Hoyt  and Geoffrey Spranger (right) with student sailors posing for LIFE Magazine photo, Newport Harbor 1957
Catalog of St. George’s School 1937-1938
Catalog, 1977, The St. George’s Summer Practice School of Oceanology
Canoe in rough water, 1910 - Third Beach, Middletown
Boat House after the Hurricane, The Lance 1939
%22Boating News%22 The Red and White, May 16, 1906
Boogie Boarding, 1964, Second Beach, Middletown
Beach Gymnasts c.1962
Autumn Holiday Trio 1908
Autumn Holiday on the water 1916
Autumn Holiday, 1909, Third Beach, Middletown
Autumn Holiday 1909 Third Beach, Middletown
Autumn Holiday, 1911 - Submarines spotted en route to Saunderstown
Autumn Holiday, 1909 - Third Beach, Middletown
Announcement of silver cup boating races prize The Dragon June 1912
“Air View, St. George’s School, Middletown, R. I.”, Postcard
Autumn Holiday, 1905 - North Conanicut (Jamestown)
Autumn Holiday 1905 North Conanicut (Jamestown)
Aerial view of shark of the deck of the Geronimo