The Memorial Schoolhouse

A Worthy and Enduring Monument

Curated by School Archivist Valerie Simpson, this slideshow focuses on the history of Memorial Schoolhouse, completed in 1923. Designed by the architectural firm McKim, Mead & White, the classroom building was designed to serve as a lasting monument honoring those alumni and faculty who served in WWI.

Over the last few years, Memorial Schoolhouse’s slate roof was replaced and its gilded cupola renovated. It is slated for additional major restoration in the 2019-2020 school year.

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Then and Now Photo Project, Maggie Rogers '16

Post-WWI Casualties, Memorial Hall

Assembly Sketch by Tripp West '92

Study Hall c.1990 Keegan

Staircase 1968

Archer Harman conducts Assembly, 1966

Classroom Frivolity c.1965

Memorial Hall Service mid 1960s

Memorial Hall Exterior Steps 1960s

Memorial Hall Worn Exterior Doorstep

Fifth-form Voices, Assembly 1965

Assembly Space Flight Demonstration, 1965

First Floor Classroom c1964, William Prescott Jr. '53

Assembly Science Demonstration c.1963

Mr. Hersey's Pie Race Assembly, 1963

Rev. Buell Conducts Assembly, 1959

Class in the Study Hall, 1959

Second Floor Classroom 1959, Chris Corkery

Third Floor Classroom 1959, Ted Hersey

Sam Ross Jr. Tidying Classroom, 1959

Assembly Award Group, 1959

Study Hall Exam, 1956

Study Hall Exam, 1954

Memorial Portraits Display, 1950s

Photo Portraits Gathered-Red & White October 7, 1953

6 of 29 Alumni Casualties of World War II were from Class of 1940

Charles Congdon '40 (Senior Prefect) Died Feb. 18, 1945

Congdon at SG in his Soccer Uniform, 1939

Congdon at SG wearing his Plaid Tie, c.1940

WWII Plaque Added to Memorial Hall

3rd Floor Chemistry Lab, c1942

3rd Floor Physics Class, c1937

Southern Exterior with the Chapel, 1935

W. B. Cumings '18--Died June 30, 1918

R. C. Fairfield '17--Died January 27, 1918

W. S. Ely '13--Died January 2, 1918

P. N. Rhinelander '13--Died September 26, 1918

C. C. Robinson'13--Died June 6, 1918

R. W. Hoskier '14--Died April 23, 1917

N. J. Merrill SG Faculty 1914-17--Died February 7, 1919

M. Ward '12--Died October 18, 1918

E. B. Wall '12--Died December 5, 1918

A. Rodgers Jr. '11--Died October 23, 1918

G. Ward '11--Died December 17, 1918

W. B. Dixon '11--Died October 17, 1918

Center Panel Inscription by Leonard Bacon, Class of 1905

H. B. Palmer '06--Died November 12, 1917

H. C. Kimball '07--Died April 9, 1917

G. H. Fuller '09--Died February 24, 1915

T. D. Wheeler '10--Died September 6, 1918

WWI Memorial Carved Oak Panels, Memorial Hall, 1923

Pristine New Study Hall, 1923

Landscaping Completed, 1923

Dedication Review, The Dragon, January 1923

Dedication Program, January 13, 1923

Building Progress, 1922 Lance

Scaffolding c.1922 Diman

Nearing Completion, 1922 Lance

Story of the Building, The Red and White, January 13,1923

The Red and White's Building Dedication Edition Cover, January 13, 1923

'Memorial Lake,' Alumni Bulletin, June 1920

Cornerstone Ceremony June 17, 1921

Cornerstone Workmen, June 17, 1921

Mr. Cabot's Appeal for Funds, 1919 Lance

Building Model Out on a Table, c.1921

SG Service Flag WWI c.1918  Auchincloss Gym

WWI Roll of Honour by Violet Oakley, 1919

Mr. Cabot, Shepherd of the Memorial Building Project

Architects' Sketch, 1920 Lance

First and Second Floor Plans, 1920 Lance

Prayer for Graduates in Service 1919 Lance

WWI Student Battalion, Then and Now Photo Project, Maggie Rogers '16