Academic Facilities

Spaces to learn, study, create, and imagine

Four signature campus buildings, in both traditional and modern architectural styles, are dedicated to the way students learn, collaborate, and innovate today.

The Academic Center provides state-of-the-art spaces, most notably for the study of science, technology, engineering, and math.

A hotbed of student creativity, the Drury/Grosvenor Center for the Arts is a modern facility that buzzes with music, acting, and art-making.

Housing both the latest available research materials and historic collections, the Nathaniel P. Hill Library contains a large and vibrant publication collection, modern classrooms with the latest technology, individual and group study spaces, as well as the important artifacts and memorabilia of the St. George's Archives.

A signature classroom building in the heart of campus, Memorial Schoolhouse is a historic structure currently being outfitted for modern teaching and learning. It holds a special place in Dragon history as it is dedicated to those in our community who died in service to our country.