Students in the Rios Conservatory

Thinkers, dreamers, doers.

“My Academic Experience”

Nayan Sapers ’22

“Why I love St. Georges”

Georgia Barrett ’21

“My Classroom Experience”

John O'Brien ’23

Academic Departments

Courses at St. George's are offered in Visual & Performing Arts, Humanities, Language & Culture Studies, and STEM fields. 20 of which are advanced classes.

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Diploma Requirements

Connected Learning leverages passions, relationships, and our networked world to build knowledge and capacity of all within our diverse learning community.
The Humanities Department enriches students’ lives by cultivating curiosity, empathy, and citizenship.
Languages come alive in courses that are centered on communication, proficiency, and finding connections with and among the people, history, countries, and cultures of the world.
No matter the specific discipline, courses within the STEM department address questions with implications spanning well beyond the classroom walls.
The arts at St. George’s are an integral part of our academic program and community life outside the classroom.