Head of School Welcome

Head of School Michael Wirtz at West Steps

Michael C. Wirtz

It does not take long for visitors to St. George’s to realize they have found something special. The campus buzzes with the energy of curious, passionate, and joyful students. A palpable sense of community exists, derived from the school’s longstanding commitment to inclusivity, consistent with our Episcopal heritage. Our dynamic, forward-looking, and broad educational offerings are powered by talented and dedicated educators. And if all this was not enough, the stunning campus perched above Second Beach offers a sense of place unlike any school in the world. Simply put, St. George’s stands alone.

More than the sum of our parts, St. George’s is a mission and values-driven school that is uniquely positioned to help students grow in every respect. We live out our core values, as derived from our mission statement, DEI vision statement, school prayer, and honor code: to help students “develop to the fullest extent possible the particular gifts that are theirs,” to “promote genuine respect for each individual,” and to help them be “truthful in words, honorable in actions.”  

St. George’s helps students develop throughout our academic program, which is organized into interdisciplinary academic departments replicating the interconnected nature of the world. Our approach not only ensures that students develop the enduring skills necessary for future success, but that they have numerous opportunities to create connections in their learning that extend beyond traditional academic boundaries, from sailing on Geronimo, to traveling as a part of Global Studies, Rogers Scholars, or Dragons in Hollywood. Learning at St. George’s does not end at the classroom door, however, as faculty extend lessons into the dorms, onto athletic fields and the stage, and across a rich array of clubs and extracurricular activities. 

We enroll students from around the country and around the world to create an intentional 24/7 learning environment, ensuring that students gain exposure to and learn from a diversity of perspectives. Through living and working alongside peers and adults from different backgrounds and experiences, students develop a deep and enduring respect for others. Students are held to - and they meet - high standards for their character, developing skills and habits that last a lifetime. 

As St. George’s 13th head of school, I am honored to lead this incredible school community and excited for you to explore all we have to offer. I hope we will see you soon on campus so that you can experience for yourself everything that makes this school so unique.

Michael C. Wirtz
Head of School