Only at SG

St. George’s location by the ocean and our long-lived school traditions afford opportunities unlike any other school. What experiences make the life of a Dragon unique?

Sail on Geronimo
You could sail to the Bahamas to research sea turtles or explore European culture on a voyage through the Mediterranean in a weeks-long journey aboard our 70-foot cutter.
Run in the Pie Race
Established in 1959 as a way of boosting school spirit, the Pie Race has been called “one of St. George’s warmest and wackiest traditions.” Over the years students, many in elaborate costumes, have sprinted, unicycled, and leap-frogged around a 1.1-mile course around campus each fall in an effort to win one of dozens of homemade apple pies.
Surf before class
Grab your board and head down to Second Beach before first period begins at 8:30 a.m.
Worship in a Gothic Chapel
Built in 1928 and adorned with dozens of intricate stained-glass windows, our chapel is both meditative and awe-inspiring. The chapel tower is 145 feet tall and when you climb to the top, you are at the highest point on Aquidneck Island.
Walk to a Newport coffee shop
We're not out in the boondocks. A good latte or bubble tea is within walking distance, as are shops and restaurants.
Catch crabs for Marine Bio in the afternoon
One of many options for an afternoon activity in the fall, the marine bio program offers a chance for students to study marine life off of Third Beach, just down the road from campus.
Watch the annual Prefect Skit
One of the most anticipated events of the spring, the skit takes place in Madeira Hall and is performed by current student leaders. It’s all about announcing who next year’s five school prefects will be, following a schoolwide election.
Dress up for the annual Christmas Festival
Arguably St. George’s most beloved tradition, the Christmas Festival combines a chapel service with costumed characters enacting the birth of Jesus with a fancy all-school dinner in King Hall the night before Winter Break.
Mend a shark sculpture
When local seafood hotspot Flo’s Clam Shack needed someone to restore a 25-foot shark sculpture to put outside the restaurant, St. George’s art students came to the rescue.
Get a dorm room with a ocean view
OK, not all of our dormitories overlook the beach, but the stunning view down to the ocean is never far away. It’s right there every time you walk across the front lawn, enter one of state-of-the-art science labs in the Academic Center or head down the Main Drive.