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SG's Dragons, Or are they?

Though they appear to have been made specially for St. George's, the copper dragon sculptures on the exterior of the east side of the Nathaniel P. Hill Library were actually originally designed and manufactured in the early 1890s for an office building in downtown Providence. Known as the Manufacturers Building, the structure, decorated with the dragons wrapped around large metal flagpoles at the seventh-floor level of the building, was in continuous use until 1964, when it was demolished in an "urban renewal" effort.

Luckily for St. George's, the dragons were saved rather than relegated to the scrapyard. And thanks to Frank Mauran ’43 and former Art Department Head Richard Grovesnor, along with Headmaster Archer Harman, for being instrumental in bringing the two magnificent sculptures to campus after the Hill Library was completed in 1968.

Summer 1989 Issue of the St. George's Bulletin.

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