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Come out winning

Every Wednesday and Saturday, red and black spills out onto the fields, courts and rinks at St. George's as the whole campus gears up for game day. With 49 interscholastic teams competing in the independent school league, St. George's has a sport and a level, from thirds to varsity, for every student—so every student can play. Here students don't focus exlusively on one sport; each season they play a different sport, often sports they've never tried before. And with St. George's strong tradition of All-ISL athletes, league championships and winning seasons, students have good reason to wear their black and red with pride.

"I believe we have the proper perspective on athletics. We think students learn certain things playing sport that they won't learn anywhere else in terms of teamwork, dedication and sportsmanship. It's an extension of what we do in the classroom."

–John Mackay, Director of Athletics

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