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 A Place to Be Known, Challenged and Inspired

Like many schools, St. George’s has an unusual relationship with time. Our institution is built upon its history and the accumulated wisdom of the past, yet we train students in the present for futures that hold uncounted and sometimes unimaginable changes.

This tug between the past and future may be an ever-present dynamic in schools, but St. George’s manages to balance the competing pull of time especially well. We honor and embrace our history, even as we adapt and evolve traditions, facilities and programs to meet the needs of our current students. So our Christmas Festival and spirit-building Pie Race continue over generations even as we add Friday Night Lights games and courses in DNA science. New facilities and programs are created, even as the school itself abides at the edge of the changeless sea.

Within this balanced framework, you can expect to be truly known at St. George’s — not just by your name, but by your nature — who you are and what gifts you bring to the school. You can also expect to be challenged — intellectually, socially and physically — in a host of ways and in a range of arenas. Finally, we expect that you will be inspired, not just by the extraordinary beauty of our location, but by the examples and energy of your teachers, your classmates and an entire community devoted to cultivating the success of its students now and in their future service to the world.

Looking out from the campus to the broad Atlantic at our feet, students here are reminded in ways large and small that the larger world awaits not far down the road. While they are part of this school, however, in that brief span of time between past and future, between the near shore and the far horizon, great achievements and great challenges await. To find out what lies ahead in your own personal journey, come join us at St. George’s and embrace the adventure of your life.


Eric F. Peterson
Head of School

A Coeducational Boarding and Day School for Grades 9 Through 12
St. George's School
372 Purgatory Road Middletown, Rhode Island 02842
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